For: Hamsters Mice & Gerbils

CritterTrail THREE

Product Name: CritterTrail THREE
Item Number: 60530
Size: 16"L x 10.5"W x 22.5"H
Description: CritterTrail THREE offers three spacious levels of living space for all hamsters, gerbils or mice. CritterTrail THREE comes complete with three Comfort Shelves, a 10oz. water bottle, food dish, exercise wheel and four Fun-nels climbing tubes. CritterTrail THREE features Super Petís unique “Petting Zone.” The cool “Petting Zone” is a special area of the home that you can open so you can pick up your pet or provide them with a tasty treat. Even if your favorite critter isn't in the Petting Zone, there are three "E-Z" access doorways on the CritterTrail THREE making access to your pet easy and simple. CritterTrail THREE also has six locations where accessories can be attached to the home so add as many fun accessories as you can.
For: Hamsters Mice & Gerbils

Price: $37.50
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Manufactured by SUPER PET

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